ECCO Conference Center

Dissing + Weitling architecture


The lighting system inside and outside the ECCO Conference Center was designed, manufactured and supplied by OKHOLM LIGHTING in cooperation with ECCO's own designers, the lead consultants INGENIØR’NE and the architectural firm DISSING + WEITLING.

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ARMILLA Chandelier for Tiffany & Co.

Architect Erik Lassen

The ARMILLA chandelier was custom made for the new Tiffany & Co. jewellery store in London.

In shape of a globe, the ARMILLA chandelier is lit by 60 Pcs. 5W bulbs and made in polished chrome to match the light and exclusive interior of the store.

With its stylish design and elegance, the ARMILLA compliments and emphasises the aesthetic of the room.

LED Ellipse

Architect 3XN

Project: Raadzaal Stadshuis Nieuwegein, Holland

- customized for the room
- dimmable
- energy efficient
- elegant design

GREN pendant 235

Vilhelmsen, Marxen & Bech-Jensen

Elegant pendant with beautiful clear lines. The white lacquered shade gives a pleasant indirect light. The decorative glare screen consists of a filigree brass ring, which minimises blinding from the light source. The pendant is very suitable for small and middlesized rooms.

AABENRAA bollard

Architect Ole Weile

This beautiful and elegant bollard, drawn by architect Ole Weile, not only lights up its surroundings. It also can be used as architectural furniture.

With the height of 120cm it is the right choice for corridors and pathways as well as parking areas. In addition, it also can be small side table in public areas.

DYBBØL fixture


The DYBBØL fixture design is based on the fundamental thought: "The lighting should not dominate the room".

The fixture has several HI Spot ES halogen reflector lamps, which have a longer lifetime. The fixture has been provided with glare screens to ensure that the light does not blind.

The DYBBØL fixture is available in different versions.

EBD Chandelier

Erik Brandt Dam

Architect Erik Brandt Dam has designed this chandelier, which is made in
black browning square steel-profile.

The chandelier is designed with light upwards and downwards.


Fogh & Følner Architects

The NYMØLLE lamp is very suitable for wall mounting in places such as entrance areas, foyers, floor spaces, and similar. The lamp is perfect for mirror lighting. The NYMØLLE lamp can be used for outdoor as well as indoor lighting.

Mounting: NYMØLLE can be mounted on masonry, lightweight concrete, plaster walls, and board partition. 





Lighting for Churches

Visit from the Queen Margrethe

Ribe Kunstmuseum (Art Museum)

Custom made outdoor lighting for Ribe Kunstmuseum (Art Museum) special design by the architect Jørgen Overbys Tegnestue.

Chandeliers and hoisting devices

This project was made in cooperation with the architect Erik Brandt Dam.
Okholm Lighting has produced these chandeliers exclusively for the church in Grøndal and also delivered remote controlled hoisting devices.

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